Alabaster — 115 of 123

John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, and Ziv Wities

Release 1

Section 2 - For the Snows White

[Include NPC Object Response Tests by Emily Short. [1]

Test NPC-analysis with "test NPC-an1 / test NPC-an2 / test NPC-an3 / test NPC-an4 / test NPC-an5 / test NPC-an6 / test NPC-an7 / test NPC-an8/ test NPC-an9 / test NPC-an10". [2]

Test NPC-an1 with "snow, analyze sky / snow, analyze roots / t injury / snow, analyze trees / snow, analyze undergrowth / snow, analyze aspen / snow, analyze pine".

Test NPC-an2 with "snow, analyze snow white / snow, analyze Snow White's wrists / snow, analyze chain / snow, analyze Snow White's hair / snow, analyze Snow White's skin / snow, analyze Snow White's head / snow, analyze Snow White's face / snow, analyze Snow White's heart / snow, analyze neck / snow, analyze Snow White's veins"

Test NPC-an3 with "snow, analyze Snow White's ears / snow, analyze Snow White's nose / snow, analyze Snow White's chin / snow, analyze Snow White's lips / snow, analyze Snow White's teeth / snow, analyze Snow White's eyes / snow, analyze breath / snow, analyze green dress / snow, analyze gold embroidery".

Test NPC-an4 with "snow, analyze corpse / snow, analyze hart's heart / snow, analyze antlers / snow, analyze chest cavity".

Test NPC-an5 with "snow, analyze me / snow, analyze dagger / snow, analyze lantern / snow, analyze heart-sized box / snow, analyze symbols".

Test NPC-an6 with "snow, quit / snow, save / snow, restore / snow, version / snow, verify / snow, notify on / snow, notify off / snow, verbose / snow, brief / snow, superbrief / snow, restart / snow, transcription on / snow, transcription off".

Test NPC-an7 with "snow, analyze my wrists / snow, analyze my hair / snow, analyze my skin / snow, analyze my head / snow, analyze my face / snow, analyze my heart / snow, analyze my neck / snow, analyze my veins"

Test NPC-an8 with "snow, analyze my ears / snow, analyze my nose / snow, analyze my chin / snow, analyze my lips / snow, analyze my teeth / snow, analyze my eyes / snow, analyze my breath".

Test NPC-an9 with "snow, analyze corpse's hooves / snow, analyze corpse's hair / snow, analyze corpse's skin / snow, analyze corpse's head / snow, analyze corpse's face / snow, analyze corpse's heart / snow, analyze corpse's neck / snow, analyze corpse's veins"

Test NPC-an10 with "snow, analyze corpse's ears / snow, analyze corpse's nose / snow, analyze corpse's chin / snow, analyze corpse's lips / snow, analyze corpse's teeth / snow, analyze corpse's eyes".

Section 3 - For the Hart

Test hart-analysis with "test hart-chat / test hart-agreeing / test hart-an1 / test hart-an2 / test hart-an3 / test hart-an4 / test hart-an5 / test hart-an6 / test hart-an7 / test hart-an8 / test hart-an9 / test hart-an0".

Test hart-an1 with "hart, analyze sky / hart, analyze roots / hart, analyze trees / hart, analyze undergrowth / hart, analyze aspen / hart, analyze pine".

Test hart-an2 with "hart, analyze snow white / hart, analyze Snow White's wrists / hart, analyze chain / hart, analyze Snow White's hair / hart, analyze Snow White's skin / hart, analyze Snow White's head / hart, analyze Snow White's face / hart, analyze snow White's heart / hart, analyze Snow White's neck / hart, analyze Snow White's veins"

Test hart-an3 with "hart, analyze Snow White's ears / hart, analyze Snow White's nose / hart, analyze Snow White's chin / hart, analyze Snow White's lips / hart, analyze Snow White's teeth / hart, analyze Snow White's eyes / hart, analyze Snow White's breath / hart, analyze green dress / hart, analyze gold embroidery".

Test hart-an4 with "hart, analyze corpse / hart, analyze hart's heart / hart, analyze antlers / hart, analyze chest cavity".

Test hart-an5 with "hart, analyze me / hart, analyze dagger / hart, analyze lantern / hart, analyze heart-sized box / hart, analyze symbols".

Test hart-an6 with "hart, quit / hart, save / hart, restore / hart, version / hart, verify / hart, notify on / hart, notify off / hart, verbose / hart, brief / hart, superbrief / hart, restart".

Test hart-an7 with "hart, analyze my wrists / hart, analyze my hair / hart, analyze my skin / hart, analyze my head / hart, analyze my face / hart, analyze my heart / hart, analyze my neck / hart, analyze my veins"

Test hart-an8 with "hart, analyze my ears / hart, analyze my nose / hart, analyze my chin / hart, analyze my lips / hart, analyze my teeth / hart, analyze my eyes / hart, analyze my breath".

Test hart-an9 with "hart, analyze corpse's hooves / hart, analyze corpse's hair / hart, analyze corpse's skin / hart, analyze corpse's head / hart, analyze corpse's face / hart, analyze corpse's heart / hart, analyze corpse's neck / hart, analyze corpse's veins"

Test hart-an0 with "hart, analyze corpse's ears / hart, analyze corpse's nose / hart, analyze corpse's chin / hart, analyze corpse's lips / hart, analyze corpse's teeth / hart, analyze corpse's eyes".]


[1]. This is a totally derivative add-on that just copies all the object response tests to rules that lets tem fire for actors

[2]. Note that this same test can equally be used on new-snow-white, even though she will have a different ruleset for responding. So we don't have to write a whole new test pattern for her.