Alabaster — 19 of 123

John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, and Ziv Wities

Release 1

Section 3 - Cache Assembly

[Currently there is a rule that builds a cache of information about how quips relate at runtime at the beginning of play. This is to avoid having to do these calculations over and over between turns.

That still generates an unacceptably long delay at startup, however. So instead of that, we add a rule that creates a hard-code version of that cache, which then can be recompiled into the game and distributed.

In order to rebuild the cache, we destroy the existing cache. (See the last part of the sourcecode.) This needs to happen every time we add new quip material or change the way quips relate to one another, so it's kind of a bore to have going on during serious development, but once we approach release and the content becomes fairly stable, we're going to want this in place, even if we still have to rebuild it sometimes.]

Use hard cache.