Alabaster — 24 of 123

John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, and Ziv Wities

Release 1

Part 4 - Facts

Chapter 1 - List of Facts

[Facts allow us to track whether something has been mentioned, even if there are multiple places for that idea to turn up.]

Table of All Known Facts (continued)

possible-blood-drinking"She might drink blood."
silver-hurts"The silver chain seems to have caused her pain."
drinks-red-wine"She drinks red wine."
written-embroidery"Her dress is embroidered as though with writing."
pact-exists"You and she have a pact."
haven-location"Snow White's haven is somewhere to the north."
symbols-seen"There are strange symbols on the box lid."
library-known"Snow White has studied in the Queen's magical library."
rock-at-mirror"Snow White threw a rock at the mirror."
snowWhite-sees-reflections"That Snow White sees the same thing the Queen sees in the magic mirror."
king-gone"The King is gone from the court; Snow White never met him."
king-not-king"The King is perhaps no longer the King."
king-had-stern-father"The King had a stern father."
not-daughter"Snow White might not be the daughter of the King."
queen-fears"The Queen is afraid of Snow White."
servant-dwarrows"Snow White uses dwarrow servants."
Grumpy-named"One of the dwarrows who helped Snow White was called Grumpy."
queen-uses-people-up"The Queen uses up her servants."
hart-thanked"Snow White did something odd to the hart corpse."
undead-hart"The hart became undead."
hart-pacified"The hart is willing to talk to you despite the killing incident."
asked-about-cosmic"You asked the hart about cosmic meanings."
hart-pact-proposed"The hart has suggested a pact."
hart-pact"You have made an agreement with the hart while it is undead."
hart-no-longer-undead"The hart was undead, but now is no longer."
happy-name-known"The hart used to be a dwarf named Happy."
hart-omniscience-revealed"That Happy's soul, embodied in the hart, is now omniscient."
truth-about-souls"That souls float around for a while after someone dies."
magic-revealed"That Snow What has some sort of magic at her disposal."
box-is-creepy"That the heart-sized box has some kind of unpleasant power."
symbols-uncreate"That the symbols on the lid of the box are related to ripping spirit from flesh and uncreating things."
vampirism-revealed"That Snow White is, in fact, truly a vampire."
burn-box"The hart has asked you to burn the box."
will-burn-box"You have said you will burn the box."
ashes-scattered"You have scattered the ashes."
Queen-made-mirror"The Queen made the mirror by putting its voice into it."
bad-soul-in-mirror"The problem with the mirror is that the Queen used a corrupt soul."
servant-used"That the Queen used a serving woman."
take-ashes"The hart recommended you take the ashes of the box to the Queen in order to change the mirror."
winged-shadow"Snow White's shadow has wings."
lilith-named"Snow White mentioned a creature called Lilith."
snow-white-possessed"Snow White is possessed by Lilith."
eve-named"Snow White mentioned Eve."
adam-named"Snow White mentioned Adam."
misses-adam"Lilith is apparently still pining for Adam."
lilith-first-wife"Lilith was the first wife of Adam."
magic-involves-demons"Magic requires invocation of demons."
queen-invoked-lilith"The Queen invoked the demon Lilith in order to make her more beautiful and give her other powers."
seeks-equal"Lilith seeks her equal among men."
wrong-to-kiss"You thought to kiss her, but decided that was the wrong approach."
murderous-lilith"Lilith kills male children."
apples-for-men"Apples are the food of mortals."
first-vampire-accusation"You've accused Snow White of being a vampire."
second-vampire-accusation"You've made it clear you're sure Snow White is a vampire."
riddle-given"Snow White has revealed her riddle."
riddle-solved"You've solved the riddle and discovered that Snow White seeks an apple."
cabin-destroyed"That the Queen destroyed your cabin as a warning not to disobey her."
blood-sundering"Blood-sundering divides families."
snow-white-knows-sundering"Snow White knows about blood-sundering."
power-from-sundering"Blood-sundering provides the power for other tasks."
sundering-method"That you could restore a sundered person by burning some of that person's blood in the box."
you-were-king"That you once were king."
swear-word"That Snow White cultivates some strange swear words."

Assumption relates various quips to various facts. The verb to assume (it assumes, they assume, it assumed, it is assumed) implies the assumption relation.

An availability rule for a quip (called the target):

if the target assumes a fact which is not known by the player, it is off-limits.

Negation relates various facts to various quips. The verb to negate (it negates, they negate, it negate, it is negated) implies the negation relation.

An availability rule for a quip (called the target):

if the target is negated by a fact which is known by the player, it is off-limits.