Alabaster — 25 of 123

John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, and Ziv Wities

Release 1

Chapter 2 - Fact Review for Collaborators

[Understand "review facts" as reviewing facts. Reviewing facts is an action out of world.

[A procedural rule while reviewing facts:

ignore the player learns facts rule. [1]]

The player learns facts rule is not listed in any rulebook.

Before printing the name of a fact (called the target):

if reviewing facts:

do nothing;


now the player knows the target.

Carry out reviewing facts:

say "The currently-defined facts are as follow (K marks those the player now knows, U those yet unknown): [paragraph break]";

repeat through the Table of All Known Facts:

say " [fact entry] ([if the player knows the fact entry]K[otherwise]U[end if]): [summary entry][line break]";

say paragraph break.]


[1]. Otherwise, merely reviewing the facts will set them all to known.