Alabaster — 43 of 123

John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, and Ziv Wities

Release 1

Chapter 2 - Convertible Commands

Section 1 - For Snow White

[These are commands that can be converted to other, sensible actions and which we should therefore allow.]

Instead of asking Snow White to try kissing the player:

try kissing Snow White.

Instead of asking Snow White to try examining something which is not the player:

if an available quip mentions the noun:

try showing the noun to Snow White;


continue the action.

Rule for implicitly taking Snow White's teeth when the person asked is Snow White:

if Snow White recollects whether her teeth seem normal:

follow the producing instruction rule;

say "[line break]'[one of]You have seen them once[or]I am not a horse for sale[or]Not again[at random],' she replies.";

stop the action;


try discussing whether her teeth seem normal instead.

[And since that should only happen once:]

A persuasion rule for asking Snow White to try showing something which is part of Snow White to the player:

persuasion succeeds.

Check Snow White showing something to the player: [1]

if Snow White is furious or Snow White is aggressive:

say "'[one of]Look from a distance[or]You can see well enough from there[or]You hardly need my help to use your eyes[or]See from where you are[at random],' she [one of]says[or]replies[or]retorts[or]snaps[or]says ungraciously[as decreasingly likely outcomes]." instead.

Report Snow White showing Snow White's wrists to the player:

say "She turns so that (for the moment) her back is to you and you can see more easily.";

try examining the noun instead.

Report Snow White showing Snow White's eyes to the player:

say "She opens them very wide.";

try examining the noun instead.

Report Snow White showing something to the player:

say "She [one of]moves into the lamplight so you can see[or]lets you get a look[at random].";

try examining the noun instead.

A persuasion rule for asking Snow White to try smiling:

persuasion succeeds.

Report Snow White smiling:

say "[Snow White smiles].[paragraph break]" instead.

A persuasion rule for asking Snow White to try listening to a room:

persuasion succeeds.

Instead of Snow White listening to a room:

say "She cocks her head for a moment as though attending to something very distant; then shrugs. Whatever she has heard, she doesn't think it worth comment.";

rule succeeds.

Instead of asking Snow White to try walking properly:

if Snow White recollects to walk properly:

say "You've already tried that; if she's not cooperating, she probably won't.";

otherwise if to walk properly is not flagged-ready:

say "This doesn't seem the moment to lecture her about her style of motion.";


try discussing to walk properly.

Unsuccessful attempt by Snow White doing something:

repeat through Table of Retorts:

if the reason the action failed is the cause entry:

say "[response entry][paragraph break]";

rule succeeds;

say "'I don't see how.'"

Table of Retorts

can't take yourself rule"'An absurd command.'"
can't take what's fixed in place rule"[physical impossibility]"
can't take scenery rule"[physical impossibility]"
can't take what's already taken rule"[already done]"
can't drop what's already dropped rule"[already done]"
can't wear what's already worn rule "[already done]"
can't take off what's not worn rule "[already done]"
can't close what's already closed rule "[already done]"
can't open what's already open rule "[already done]"
can't switch off what's already off rule "[already done]"
can't switch on what's already on rule "[already done]"
can't unlock what's already unlocked rule "[already done]"
can't lock what's already locked rule "[already done]"
carrying requirements rule"[not-free]"

To say physical impossibility:

say "She eyes [the noun]. 'Even if my hands were untied, I'd need the strength of a [one of]demoness[or]giantess[or]monster[at random].'";

To say already done:

say "'Redundant.'"

To say not-free:

say "'You speak as though I were free to move and pick up whatever I liked.'";

casually queue pleading-to-be-untied.


[1]. Because of the instead rule above, she'll show you the teeth anyway, regardless of mood.