Alabaster — 61 of 123

John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, and Ziv Wities

Release 1

Chapter 10 - Tutorial Mode

First when play begins:

if File of Alabaster Settings exists:

read File of Alabaster Settings into the Table of Setting-Info;

choose row 1 in the Table of Setting-Info;

if there is a mode-setting entry:

change the tutorial mode to mode-setting entry;

make no decision;

say "Have you played interactive fiction before? >> ";

if the player consents:

now tutorial mode is false;

say "[second custom style][line break]Welcome. If you have any questions about Alabaster specifically, type HELP at any prompt.[roman type]";


now tutorial mode is true;

say "[second custom style][line break]Welcome. To give you a bit of guidance, a tutorial mode is turned on, but if at any point you wish to get rid of it, type TUTORIAL OFF. Overall instructions are always available if you type HELP.[roman type]";

choose row 1 in the Table of Setting-Info;

change mode-setting entry to the tutorial mode;

write File of Alabaster Settings from the Table of Setting-Info;

pause the game.

The File of Alabaster Settings is called "alabstersettings".

Table of Setting-Info

a truth state