Alabaster — 75 of 123

John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, and Ziv Wities

Release 1

Chapter 6 - Kazuki Mishima Oct 29

[whether she feels cold is a questioning quip.

It mentions cold.

The comment is "'Do you feel cold?' you ask.".

The response is "A little of that fury she shows when refusing to show herself to the mirror rises in her now. 'I'll feel warmer when I'm moving again,' she says. Then, seeming to notice something in your face, she adds 'Thank you for your concern.'".

It is repeatable. ] [1]

what the obscene suggestion was is a questioning quip.

It mentions magic mirror.

The comment is "'Just what do you consider obscene, Snow White?' you ask.".

The response is "'[if the player knows Snow-White-possessed]You expressed your desire to use the Queen like one of your hounds uses another,' she says.

The memory of a secret dream comes into your head.

'Don't blush! It is a common desire in Adam's sons. Adam himself never cared to take a less than commanding position.[otherwise]I would not know about obscenity,' she says without a trace of sincerity. 'It can not touch the ears of the snow-white maiden. She possesses an aura that repells it.[end if]'". [2]

It quip-supplies Snow White.

It indirectly-follows what you look like in the mirror.

It is listed.

how to deal alongside the Queen is a questioning quip.

The printed name is "how to deal with the Queen". The true-name is "how to deal alongside the queen".

Understand "with" as how to deal alongside the queen.

It mentions Queen.

The comment is "'How would you suggest I deal with the Queen now?' you ask.".

The response is "'Just as you did before,' Snow White says, 'but avoiding the mirror. Run away like I have, if you can do it safely. Better yet, kill her.' She pauses, evaluates your face, then asks 'Could you?'".

The uncertainty-refusal is "'Then think about it.'"

The nag is "[one of]'I am curious to hear your answer,' she says again. 'Could you kill the Queen?'[or]She watches your face.[or]'Coward,' she says at last[queue giving-up-question].[stopping]". [3]

It quip-supplies Snow White.

It is restrictive.

It is listed.

yes-2 is an affirmative quip.

The printed name is "say yes". The true-name is "yes-2".

It mentions Queen.

The comment is "'Yes,' you say. 'I could.'".

The response is "'Ha! Brave words,' she says. She indicates the hart. 'It would be a different thing from that, wouldn't it? The Queen would only say 'Stop!', and you would melt.'".

It quip-supplies Snow White.

It directly-follows how to deal alongside the queen and if you could kill the queen.


[1]. This comment was submitted, but overlaps one offered by a previous submitter, so I've commented it out for the time being. (If this turns out to be a common problem, it might be worth going to some kind of check-out system, but I didn't really expect there to be enough traffic on this project to make it worth letting only one person look at it at a time. For a different kind of collaboration I imagine serial rather than parallel input would be a better idea.)

[2]. The original reply seemed wrong somehow after Lilith has been revealed — she seems like the type who would be frank.

[3]. This property gives her a way to pester you for an answer if you remain silent for too many turns.