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I've said it over and over: I don't want people playing to particular endings. I want them to play the game and get whatever result comes naturally, because that is what the game is built for. It's a dispenser of stories, customized to the individual who is playing at the moment.

That's my vision as the author.

Players, however, seem to have a different idea: a lot of them want to see all the text, or at least all the endings. And I have to admit that, while I hate to provide helps to that end (as the author), I can also see their point (as a player of other games). Galatea is horribly Protean; her moods change and you don't always know exactly why; she responds differently to the same question at different times, and this makes it difficult to recover endings that one has already reached once. From my point of view as an author, these features were all desiderata, and I worked hard to produce them, in the name of realism and complexity and richness. From the point of view of the (re)player, they can get confusing after a while. And then there are some people who don't quite get the hang of how to play the game.

This page represents a compromise position.

Commands: For people who are interested in seeing behind the scenes to how the game works, these may help.

topiclistx: Lists all the topics in the game and the verbs that work with them.
visorx: Changes the status bar to display statistics on the state of the conversation.

Walkthroughs: These are aimed more at those who want to see as many different stories as they can. (No, these still aren't all the endings, but a healthy subset.)

Address to Kypris: catching the attention of a deity.
Bacchanal: catching the attention of a different deity.
Brute Force: treating her a little too roughly.
Curiosity: getting Galatea interested in something other than herself.
Delusions: challenging Galatea about her own status.
Eliza: using her as a psychiatry program.
Exchange of Glances: extremely thorough inspection of the piece.
Exchange of Places: making yourself the object of inspection.
Friendship: confiding in her.
Friendship, with potential: like the former, but not.
Hug: ending up on friendly terms, in a different form.
Invitation: asking her to step out of her milieu.
Kiss: just what it sounds like.
Love Lost: she admits that she was in love with the artist.
Mortality: appealing to higher powers.
Patience: becoming her confidant and teacher.
Portents and Omens: access to strange visions.
Pushing Your Luck Too Far: getting yourself killed.
Reflection: confronting her inherent strangeness.
Shame: running up against your own less pleasant qualities.
Stilton: getting her to eat.
Upset: raising some memories you can't quite handle.
Wizard of Oz: the "avatar" ending.

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