This is only one of MANY ways to reach this conclusion. In general, you can get this ending by hugging Galatea at any time when Mood is not Hostile or Sad and Sympathy is more than 35. (To get a readout of these and other values, type visorx at any time.) It takes a fair amount of talking to raise Sympathy to that level, however.
x her. a her. read placard. a artist. z. z. a cyprus. a garden. a flowers. a smell. a stone. a quarries. a carving. z. a secrets. a carving. x her. a punch. a tools. a chisel. g. a polish. a hammer. a marble. a reliefs. think about tools. a claw. a drill. a hand. x hand. touch hand. a doubt. look at her. a backdrop. g. a pedestal. a spotlight. a air conditioner. look. a artist. a sale. a him. a death. t death. z. a screaming. a nightmares. a shades. a afterlife. a gods. a prayers. a muses. a madness. a drink. a prophecy. a apollo. a delphi. a pythia. a priests. a hexameters. a civilization. a anarchy. think about anarchy. think about gods. a aphrodite. a love. a pantheon. a hades. z. galatea, turn around. a artemis. a zeus. z. a hera. a seduction. a dionysus. a drama. a illusions. a freedom. a grief. touch her. t grief. t jenny. a him. recap. think about zeus. a justice. a vocabulary. a speech. a breathing. x her. x eyes. x face. think about sculpture. a sculpture. a art. a painting. a woman. galatea, sorry. hug her.

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