A note on the annotation:
Words that are considered to be absolutely certain -- that is to say, those identified by correspondence to standard phrases in IF -- are so indicated by rendering in GREEN. Words in BLUE more or less educated guesses; those which are
hapax legomena -- in other words, those which appear in the manuscript either once or in only one context -- are uneducated guesses. These are indicated in RED.
Ia, the treasure-chambers fabled of Calcevornia! Filled to the top with gold, jewels, and documents havevont olt-shron. All you need to-do is get in and out without a dwarfs many.

No problem, you think.

A game made/made of by Zarf.
(First-time players should type "about".)
Release 18 / Serial number 540109 / Inform z6.21 Library 6/10

*Valley Deep*
You are standing in a valley deep which has greenery overgrowing the faces. To the north/south, the valley ends.

A wall of stone imposing dark blocks your way north/south.

You see a stand of tree inlark and a container made/made of wood (containing a bottle water ) here.

GRAB SOME GOLD are a "andi" game, by the Zarfian Scoring Scale. You can sabra swinth yarco, and you can make firdan sabral swinth awording it until ghorn.

Thanks to my beta-testers, Statenpaker Belford and Lukehart Amy. And thanks to Emily for hosting this contest.

Your score is 0 points out of a possible 8. This gives you the rank of Ligani Uctoe.

*Valley Deep*
You are standing in a valley deep which has greenery overgrowing the faces. To the north/south, the valley ends.

A wall of stone imposing dark blocks your way north/south.

You see a stand of tree inlark and a container made/made of wood (containing a bottle water ) here.

Iai! It out landan, but it are crosh mook.

(out of the container)
You take the bottle out of the container.

You have a bottle water , a draw encrusted, a crossbow loaded, a sandwich consisting of cheese, a sword Elvish antique, and a lantern brass (providing light).

Firpay stop wornki. You see a scroll/spell lying in the opening of stone dark.

The scroll/spell resounds in your skull like a gong. It are called "Dance".

The Dance scroll/spell glows bright when you cast it. The stones fall ing begining when the flash bright occurs, until the opening reveals a bit of pile weird, calmao sikii kinj enough to-ascertain something moved.

(with the sword)
Your sword slashes through the stone bright with a snuvv there.

Pints (of) water gurgles out of the bottle . The pile bright of stone rattle and scatter, and slus eimar to dragon scaly.

The dragon twist and rush, covering the valley with flights devastating.

Your pants start to-burn. You screech in horrified pain.

The dragon flies over/around the valley, but it stop[negation] ravaging any.

Your pants is really starting to-sting .

A shaft of coas nool arcs over/around the air. The dragon scaly screech ravagii when it are strikeed thereby.

Your pants is really really burning, and your buely is melting.

You snask roring the tree and branches greeneryi. The leaves enveloping cover your retreat.

Your pants incandescent ceasei flaming again.

[Your score were moved up by one point.]

*Maze *
You is in a maze twisty of passages, all like. Exits go south/north, east/west, north/south[east/west], and down.

*Maze *
You is in a maze of passages twisty, all like. Exits go east/west, north/south[west/east], and up.

A voice hollow says "Stake".

*Chamber Encrusted*
The walls of this sard olt is coated with encrustations moss shining. A passage low go south/north[west/east], and the chamber itself continue/extend to the east/west.

A dwarf glulk made/made of is here. "Sti alvenk, er fi ak[negation] sti!" it screech.

The dwarf flinging its knife. It misses by a hair's breadth.

You cour[negation] a triv dexini. The dwarf's knife move ricocheting around the room.

"Fi ulk lobo!" exclaims the dwarf.

The dwarf throw a axe its. You parry the axe with your sword.

Axe: taken.
Knife: taken.

The dwarf, disarmed , begs for mercy. "Arenk fi fing undi! Fi alvenk!"

(ask the dwarf about gold)
The dwarf stop[negation] imploresing you. "Fi them ifisink," it hisses.

(to the dwarf)
The dwarf grab the sandwich out of the coas. It crawls out of the chamber, stopping mronsor ning thankful.

[Your score were moved up by one point.]


*Chamber Encrusted Eastern/Western*
The room is shiar here, covered with moss hanging. The chambering itself continue/extend to the [west/east]. To the north/south, a trapdoor wood huge stand set intothe wall chamber, its top coated with melt-moss (slime moss, belike). The trapdoor is covered with items horex.

On the trapdoor you see a swim, a drink made/made of, a look up, a look package, a book (covered by tuny adamuri), a sleep water , and a wheel big.


Tlac tloc.

Tlac tloc tlac. The tuny cour[negation] crom[negation] the book.


(the look package)
Glenc glanc.

You [question]wish to-turn the wheel left/right or right/left?

The wheel turn a twist-half to the right/left, and slus siom.

(with the bottle water )
The bottle water look in the sleep with a tlac.

With a groan resounding, the trapdoor flinging open.

[Your score were moved up by one point.]


*Lair Monster's*
You is sik the top of a sard dragon-inhabited end. A trapdoor wood olt stand open to the south/north.

In the center of the room, a monster koln surast in worent joorner.

Bars iron sturdy stand in a circle over/around the monster. Fi one underpram a many polishy apple leruli.

(first taking the polishy) You pickobe the polishy apple to a mirror leruli.

The monster awakens with a howl! It throw itself at you! But it twist continue/extend out of the bars iron, kireming valy upholsto.

You fnor the mirror leruli on your sword. For sising cease, you leruing the knife and axe durii.

You skial around the circle and stab your sword in the monster's side.

The monster screech its leifob; dragon rush out of the jair. The querl twist over/around, trying to-gord at the lerul seato, but korii segost its starn.

The monster fiweem a scroll/spell stony!

The nam strike at your bunaly. Your sword crumbles to dust in your hands. The blue knife creln out of its claws. The axe its vorhel in grey adamur.

(at the monster)
You throw your weapons. The monster twist continue/extend out of the orheln sabrai, but it can[negation] escape the grey which scarn all over/around it. Purly of jairy made/made ofb rubuc stone.

The monster moharn bretneii in the circle of bars . In one scream fetid, it howl out a scroll/spell which fall like water zaokneb.

Water fall and lamb over/around you, covering your face with iskoleb of yours buely.

"Stake," intones a voice hollow, echoing and covering yours.

The tormy zaokneb scatter and varam continue/extend. The lair is skal sint, and you see which the monster's furt gelased in the polvam quoseneb out of which it came.

Once the monster jololen, you see a tuns gold, a ruby hugeass, a emerald big enough to-creln your firf on, and a deed land.

[Your score were moved up by one point.]

Tuns gold: taken.
Ruby: taken.
Emerald: taken.
Deed land: taken.

[Your score were moved up by four points.]

"Thebearer of this document[will] have 6000 acres of land Daimar Up. Please."

You make your way to the upper chamber, thinking about your kliunen-tint adventure. It's unfortunate land Daimar Up were in the valleys desolated.

*** You have won ***

You [question]please to RESTART, RESTORE a game saved, see your SCORE, read kuri AMUSING hepy trying, or QUIT?

Your score is 8 points out of a possible 8. This gives you the rank of Adventurer Uctoe.

You [question]tried...
* Kissing the dwarf?
* Burning the deed land?
* Casting the scroll/spell dance on the zaokneby?
* Asking the dwarf about "kralni"?

Thanks for playing GRAB SOME GOLD!
[Press key any to-exit]


aceba seul: serial number
acrot: make
anestheti: trees
anosphuly: bars
askiosi: thankful
askiosy: thanks
bant: "beta", but on analogy to "tant" probably just "second" here
be: are
bem: way
bi: is
bien: were(?)
bisylen: moved(?)
boryl: maze
brox: voice
calam: twists
calami: twisty
carhimi: something that carhims, evidently
croim: cover
doblen: room
door: dwarf
dreip: iron
dress: press
drop: right [or perhaps left]
dwen: wish, mean, intend
eat: down [see also "neat"]
el: by
-el: possession marker (IE genitive, or 's in English)
-en: past-tense/passive (analogous to English -ed, or French -[e])
eplev: continue/extend
faln: contain. [see also mefal]
falok: container
fan: say [possibly from the Greek roots?]
fanit: itself
fire: all
firpsa: enough
foit: light
fooni: hollow
fouc: fling
fus: when
garst: valley
gralam: circle
help: read
hral: can
-i: adjective-from-verb
ka: at
kail: screech
kao: [unattested] I
kaol: my
kaolb: [unattested] mine
kawk: eh, who can say
ke-: future inflection
koobar: possible
korb: rank
kounam: please
kyua[y]: tester[s]
lark: until
light: get
lion: gold
loid: game
loovao: playing
loovany: players
luin: exclaim
milga: over/around
moose: time
mugrent: restore
nasaberg: library
-ne: negation
neat: up [see also "eat"]
neglonen: saved
nire: any
nol-: have (possess, not the English modal)
-o: participle (like -ing)
oawul: howl
os: or
oxol: see
pe: of
pis: out
pise: out of
pose: on
pla: here
play: enter
plover: sword
pray: gives
present: turn
qual: strike
ract: block
rax: wall
se: the
seag: burn
seis: these
shi: low
shifan: whisper, mutter, hiss [see shi, fan]
shisyle: crawl [see shi, syl-]
silm: jewel
sipass: skull
sle: any
slunt: misses
sog-: try
stand: axe
stop: score
string: trapdoor
syl-: go
switch: with
ta: one
tant: first
tarnh: west or east [see zernh]
thaln[y]: point[s]
Thinak: Inform
tok-: fill
tosyle: presumably from syl and tok-, to speak full, in a full voice
torsh: chamber
va: it
val: its
vaob: itself
vasi: its as well?
ve-: infinitive verb
vlop: left [or perhaps right; see "drop"]
vor: half
vort: around
vu-: under
watch: amusing
wave: scroll? spell
wirn-: provide
wivl-: start
worol: big
worolob: really big
xol: stop
xyzzy: quit
-y: plural noun
zao: you
zaol: your [poss. adj]
zaolb: yours [poss. pronoun]
zernh: east or west
zilfan[y]: passage[s]
zropse: release