Lighanian to English

aceba = number
acrot = make
adamur = steel [n.]
adamuri = steel [adj.]
andi = cruel
askios(y) = thank(s)
awordo = realizing
aush = south aushtarnh = southwest
aushzernh = southeast

bant = beta
bem = way
bi = is/are
bien = was/were
bisylen = raised
boryl = maze
bowl = wheel
brox = voice

calam = twist/twists
calami = twisty
Calcevornia = California
corset = dragon
croim = cover
croimen = covered

door = man
door-el = man's
doory = men
dress = press
drink = switch
drop = right
durii = together
dwen = want

e = a
east = knife
eat = down
egg = take
eggen = taken
eggo = taking
el = by
-el = 's (possessive)
-en = -ed (past tense)
eplev = easily
erci = stand
ercio = standing
eric = rim

falno = containing
fanit = slopes
farn = mountain
fan = say
fire = all
firpsa = enough
foit = light [n.]
fooni = hollow
fouco = flinging
fre = four
fursun = hair
fus = as

ga = do
ghorn = later
graem = middle
gralam = circle
gu- = do-
gupla = where

help = read
hep(y) = thing(s)
hernk = lantern
hral = can
hralne = cannot

i (ilsh) = n
ia = oh
ilsh = north
ilshtarnh = northwest
ilshzernh = northeast
it (ilshtarnh) = nw

janai = difficult

ka = at
kail = scream
kaol = my
karesh = antique
knife = about
koln = black
koobar = possible
koona = quickly
korb = rank
kui = few
kuri = some
kyua(y) = tester(s)

lark = until
ligani = novice
lighan = grab/grabs
light = get
lion = gold
loid = game
loovan(y) = player(s)
loovao = playing

marghensi = competition
mazrul = master [n.]
mazruli = master [adj.]
milego = surrounding
milga = around
mobi = moby
molk = system
moose = time
mugrent = restore

n = i ('inventory')
nabim(y) = hand(s)
nasaberg = library
-ne = (negation)
neat = up
neglonen = saved
ner = not
nire = any
nolo = carrying
norgen = fabled

-o = -ing
oanor = groan
oawul = howl
oin = but
on = and
os = or
oxol = see

package = green
pacsilm = emerald
pase = in
pe = of
pise = out-of
pla = here
play = enter
plover = sword
pose = on
pray = give
prel = different
present = turn
pron(o) = cast(ing)
put = throw

ract = block
rau = for
rax(y) = wall(s)
remp = need
ro = to

sabra = die
sabrai = deadly
sabral = deadly
se = the
seis = this
Serioli = Elvish
ses = that
sesl = those
seul = serial
shado = hosting
shi = low
shian = lower [v.]
shiar = lower [adj.]
shifan = mutter
shisyle = crawl
silm(y) = gem(s)
sik = near
sikii = nearly
sle = key
slunt = miss
snoosto = kissing
sogen = tried
sogo = trying
stoab = think
stand = axe
statim = avoid
station(y) = exit(s)
stop = score
stopo = scoring
string = door
swing = ask
swinth = without
switch = with
syln = go/goes

ta = one
tant = first
tarnh = west
thaln(y) = point(s)
thinak = inform
think = about
tofan = echoes/repeats
token = filled
torsh(y) = cave(s)
torsho = cavern/caving
tun(y) = bar(s)
tuns = bar/ingot

uctoe = adventurer
undo(y) = weapon(s)
unlarv = rob
unlock = attack
up = red
upusilm = ruby

va = it
val = its
vasi = huge
vaob = itself
ve- = to- (infinitive)
vlop = left [adj.]
vor = half
vurel = against

watch = fun
wave = scroll
wea = short
weab = small
wevaxen = won
wirno = providing
wivle(o) = begin(ning)
wivlent = beginning [n.]
worol = large

xyzzy = quit

-y = -s (plural)
yarco = warning

z (zernh) = e
zao = you
zaol = your
zaolb = yourself
Zarfi = Zarfian
zatin = brass
zernh = east
zernhi = eastern
zilfan(y) = passage(s)
zropse = release

Nalian-2 to English

akne = kill
alvenk = leave
arenk = give
er = or
fi = I/me
ifisink = understand
kralni = revelation
lobo = dangerous
sti = you
ulk = is/am
undi = weapon
y = no

Lighan ses Lion

A translation in progress, by David Welbourn

Oh, the mountain-caves fabled of California! Filled to the rim with gold, gems, and morvonty nolvont olt-shron. All you need to-do is get in and quickly rob a men few.

Not difficult, you think.

A game short by Zarf.
(First-time players halo yoso "about".)
Release 19 / Number serial 570109 / Inform v6.21 Library 6/10

Garst Nith
You are standing in a garst nith dus carab olet paro the volto. To the north, the garst ithi.

A wall of seat jeolo lede blocks your way north.

You see a stand of anestheti inlark and a falok short corran (containing a take all) here.

GRAB THAT GOLD is a "cruel" game, by the Zarfian Scoring System. You can die without warning, and you can make
firdan deadly without realizing it until later.

Thanks to my testers-beta, Statenpaker Belford and Lukehart Amy. And thanks to Emily for hosting this competition.

Your score is 0 points out-of a possible 8. This gives you the rank of Novice Adventurer.

Garst Nith
You are standing in a garst nith dus carab olet paro the volto. To the north, the garst ithi.

A wall of seat jeolo lede blocks your way north.

You see a stand of anestheti inlark and a falok short corran (containing a take all) here.

Iai! It quickly manan, but it is crosh mook.

(out-of the falok)
You take the take out-of the falok.

You [are] carrying a
take all, a draw silemi, a duck frelm, a digrogi ajua mouse, a sword Elvish antique, and a lantern brass (providing light).

Firpay xol wornki. You see a scroll nekko in the dorop of seat lede.

The scroll fonn in your sipass different a gorong. It is ycle "Dance".

The Dance scroll seton leid as you cast it. The seaty sititino poorvo as the wovel leid puplen, until the dorop xoprel a nerb of paint noifi, calmao nearly kinj enough to-shalok those raised.

(with the sword)
Your sword
spoigh ponse the seat leid with a snuvv there.

Frezy all dargil out-of the take. The paint leid of seat nator and claiz, and slus eimar to turn carhimi.

The turn twists and mozem, mefalo the garst with plorny dvasn.

Your gorny begin to-seag. You kawk.

The turn plor around the garst, but it xolne neido any.

Your gorny are hobii beginning to-storn.

A shoin of coas nool presnel around the sarr. The turn carhimi screams neidii as it is qualen nerom.

Your gorny are fulba seago, and your buely are shaimoo.

You snask roro the anestheti and pasvorn oleti. The nesteny mlemo cover your sorgan.

Your gorny incan sedani fiu slas.

[Your score was raised up by one point.]


You are in a maze twisty of passages, all different. Exits go south, east, northeast, and down.


You are in a maze of passages twisty, all different. Exits go east, northwest, and up.

A voice hollow says "Stake".


Cavern Silemi
The walls of this sard olt is crolimen with silemy zathal lambo. A passage low goes southwest, and the cavern slopes easily to the east.

A man glulk short is here. "You leave, or I kill you!" it screams.

The man [is] flinging its knife. It misses by a hair.

You courne a triv dexini. The man's knife bisyle calminjo vort the doblen.

"I am dangerous!" luin the man.

The man throws an axe huge. You lower the axe with your sword.

Axe: taken.
Knife: taken.

The man, hornknen, zerib for veriga. "Give me my weapon! I leave!"

(ask the man about gold)
The man xolne sipasano you. "I no understand," it mutters.

(to the man)
The man grabs the
digrogi out-of the coas. It crawls out-of the cavern, xolo mronsor no askiosi.

[Your score was raised up by one point.]


Cavern Silemi Eastern
The dorblen is lower here, covered with zathal hamebo. The cavern slopes easily to the west. To the north, a door corran worolob stands against the wall cavern, its rim crolimen with thalshaim. The door is covered with wake horex.

On the door you see a swim, a switch short, a look red, a look green, a book (covered by bars steel), a sleep all, and a wheel large.


Tlac tloc.

Tlac tloc tlac. The bars courne, cromne the book.


(the look green)
Glenc glanc.

You do-want to-turn the wheel left or right?

The wheel turns a twist-half to the right, and slus siom.

(with the take all)
The take all look in the sleep with a tlac.

With a groan varavi, the door [is] flinging satrag.

[Your score was raised up by one point.]


Lair Dragon's
You are near the rim of a sard turn-erjen ith. A door corran olt stand satragii to the south.

In the middle of the doblen, a dragon black surast in worent joorner.

Anosphuly dreip blong stand in a circle around the dragon. Fi one vupram a few polishy apple leruli.

(first taking the polishy)
You pickobe the polishy apple to a mirror leruli.

The dragon wurelbe with a howl! It throws itself at you! But it twists easily out-of the anosphuly dreip, kiremo valy upholsto.

You fnor the mirror leruli on your sword. For siso sedan, you leruo the knife and axe together.

You skial vort the circle and dogon your sword in the dragon's borm.

The dragon screams its leifob; turn mozem out-of the jair. The querl twists around, trying to-gord at the lerul seato, but korii segost its starn.

The dragon fiweem a scroll seati!

The nam qual at your bunaly. Your sword jevol to vols in your hands. The blue knife creln out-of its nabilen. The axe huge vorhel in grey steel.

(at the dragon)
You throw your weapons. The dragon twists easily out-of the
orheln deadly, but it cannot avoid the grey dus scarn all around it. Purly of jairy small rubuc seat.

The dragon moharn bretneii in the circle of anosphuly. In one fobrel slari, it howls pis a scroll dus sitin different all zaokneb.

All sititin and lamb around you, mefalo your volt with iskoleb of yourself buely.

"Stake," echoes a voice hollow, surrounding and covering yourself.

The tormy zaokneb claiz and varam easily. The lair is skal sint, and you see dus the dragon's furt gelasen in the polvam quoseneb out-of dus it sylten.

Where the dragon jololen, you see a bar gold, a ruby moby, an emerald large enough to-creln your firf on, and a sudnogil man.

[Your score was raised up by one point.]

Bar gold: taken.
Ruby: taken.
Emerald: taken.
Sudnogil man: taken.

[Your score was raised up by four points.]

"The vupraben of this morvont kenol 6000 jepy of man Daimar Red. Kounam."

You make your way to the
sneef cavern, reviro about your kliunen-tint master. Vas tobii man Daimar Red was in the garsty kudorii.

*** You won ***

You do-kounam ve BEGINNING, RESTORE a game saved, see your SCORE, read some FUN things trying, or QUIT?

Your score is 8 points out-of a possible 8. This gives you the rank of Master Adventurer.

You do-tried...
* Kissing the man?
* Seago the sudnogil man?
* Casting the scroll dance on the zaokneby?
* Asking the man about "revelation"?

Thanks for playing GRAB THAT GOLD!
[Press key any to-exit]