Pytho's Mask

2001 XYZZY for Best NPCs

Intrigue. Romance. Magic. And a man in a dark mask.

My contribution to SmoochieComp 2001. Another take on the possibilities of broad puzzle design. Pytho's Mask tries to provide as many routes to success as possible, leaving it to the player to determine when she has acquired enough information to act -- and what to do. It also demonstrates a conversation system evolved from the one used in Galatea, but adapted into a semi-menu format and allowing for conversation with multiple NPCs.

Version three is the one you want, unless you have Glulxe and like your conversation menus on the bottom, in which case, version 4 is a .blb file with better window-management.

Hints and Answers.
Intentions: unspoilery reflections on what I was trying for this time.

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