Endgame Hints

These are spoilericious.

I don't follow the story-to-date.

Have you read the letter from the Count that was encrypted?

Have you read Marie's unfinished letter to him?

Have you REMEMBERed the painting of the Count's father?

From the letter in the room above the chapel, it would appear that Marie is in trouble due to the Count's old enemy, the Baron D'Envers. The Baron D'Envers is also the holder of your debts (possibly a connection here?) and generally not a nice man. He's been pressing Marie to marry him. It seems that the Count was worried Marie might get into trouble, so he left some handy things behind -- but the Count himself has been out of town for quite a while. Apparently something bad happened to Marie, and the house was ransacked, while the Count was gone. In other news, Marie once fell into the well, and was rescued by your father. While she was down there, the Count, being nervous, reverse-linked her to you in order to keep her alive. This is the reason for your magic abilities. When your father saved Marie, the Count offered him a reward; your father asked the Count to raise you, since your family already had too many children to feed easily. The Count was happy to assist, especially since, in this way, he could keep an eye on the child reverse-linked to Marie. He has treated you as his own son since that day.

Where am I trying to go?

The Count mentions that there are some tools that might be useful, and the clue to their location 'woven up' where the proper light will show it.

Notice anything odd about the pattern of the rug?

What color(s) are in the rug?

Have you tried shining those colors on it?

What about taking it somewhere where both lights will shine on it?

The stained glass windows in the chapel are blue and green.

Drop the rug in the chapel, then examine it.

There's a bunch of water in the well.

Maybe if you emptied something the well was linked to...?

You should by now have found another cylindrical stone container.

Fill the vase with water, link it to the well, and empty the vase.

Where do I attach the rope ladder?

Try tying it to the bar.

I have too much stuff to carry!

You're going to have to drop a lot of it.

But you can bring along anything you can wear or fit into a container you can wear.

The bag on a string is handy for that.

Put the bauble in it and you can take it down with you.

You can also take the pin, the hat, the cloak, and the bracelet.

This mirror is a dud.

You need a password to activate it.

Have you noticed the markings on the mirror?

Do they remind you of anything you've seen about magic mirrors?

The wadded paper, Lavori book, and letter together hint that the mirror might have been made by M. Couligne in the Rue des Arbres. Try saying his name.

Now it's ready to make a connection.

If you touch it, it will show you Marie.

Yikes, she doesn't look happy in there.

What items are keeping her trapped? Maybe you can defeat them.

There are the handcuffs, for instance.

Also the window with the bar across it.

Either of those relate to anything you carried (or could carry) down into the well?

Such as, say, the bracelet?

Or the pin?

Link the bracelet to the handcuffs, then open the bracelet. Link the pin to the window, and open the pin.

This just goes from bad to worse.

It looks like Marie's going to hit D'Envers with that round pillow.

Of course, round pillows aren't much of a weapon most of the time.

Maybe you could toughen it up, though.

Got anything round and hard you could reverse-link it to?

Reverse-link the pillow to the round stone and wait for Marie to hit D'Envers with it. (What, did you think you were going to get to do all the violence? The lady's no wimp, you know.)