Savoir-Faire release versions:

V1: original z5 file, 0 bytes remaining in Z-machine.

V2: bug fix to deal with a game-crashing bug using the EXITS command in the Foyer.

V3: bug fix to deal with a game-crashing bug when the teapot was reverse-linked to the doors and then opened.

V4: bug fix to deal with a game-crashing bug which I can no longer even remember what it was. Something fairly obscure yet narsty.

V5: moves to a z8 file. Deals more generally with what was really the problem in V3, namely that reverse-links can cause stack overflows on the commands OPEN, LOCK, and UNLOCK. Also probably CUT and BURN.

Some lesser bug fixes.

V6: another fix to deal with the fact that it apparently has always been possible to link the hanky to the hangings without dying it first, which cuts out the entire tea puzzle. A number of smaller updates including improvement of some of the liquid handling, better responses for attempts to color the door. Parser hacked to cope better with the behavior of scenery objects that are really standing in for multiple things.

Feature added to list the contents of containers when they are examined. (Note: this produces a double-listing bug when the tea recipe is in the hole. Should be fixed for V7.)

V7 fixes the following bugs in V6: