SmoochieComp 2001 is a reviewed competition for short games with a plot focusing on love or romance. Games can be downloaded at, and the reviews (by Paul O'Brian, Kathleen Fischer, Stephen Granade, Lucian P. Smith, Duncan Stevens, Bridget Sweeney, and J. Robinson Wheeler) may be viewed here. I have also written unofficial responses, by request.

Entries (asterisks note those submitted after the deadline):

1981, by A.D. McMlxxxi

August, by Matt Fendahleen

Bantam, by Eric Mayer

Dead of Winter, by Christina Pagniacci (Gunther Schmidl)

Pytho's Mask, by Emily Short

Second Honeymoon, by Roger Ostrander

Sparrow's Song, by J.D. Berry

**The Tale of the Kissing Bandit, by Cary Valentino (J. Robinson Wheeler)

**Voices, by Aris Katsaris

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this project, both reviewers and entrants. I appreciate all of your support -- and special thanks to Stephen Granade for hosting the reviews, sparing me precious webspace.
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