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The son of a peasant, you were adopted under strange circumstances by the family of a wealthy Count. Not only did the Count raise you as a gentleman, he also taught you a rare art generally reserved for a few members of the nobility: what the Italians call the lavori d'Aracne, the work of Arachne, a weaving of magical links between one object and another.

Bred to privilege, you were unwilling on your majority to take up an ordinary profession. Instead, you launched yourself in Paris society on the strength of your special talents -- becoming the protege of countless gentlemen and women (especially gentlewomen). But the life you led was expensive, even for such a talented person as yourself. Sadly, you have found it necessary to return to the home of your childhood, in search of money, or anything that could be turned into money...

Included with the Standard Edition:

  • Manual and gameplay instructions.
  • One copy of Mrs. Bury Palliser's famous pamphlet, "On Links", describing the various aspects, subtleties, and history of the Lavori d'Aracne.
  • Gold and lacquer snuffbox, with the insignia of the Count's family inlaid on it.
  • Menu from one of the Countess' dinner parties.

Included with the Deluxe Edition:
(available only from the refrigerated case of your participating software retailer)

  • All of the above items.
  • Half-pound samples of each cheese represented in the game (together, makes a cheese-board that serves ten-twelve).
  • Director's Cut mode of game-play, activated by password, revealing a special turn-by-turn commentary in a separate window.

Included with the Ultimate Edition:
(special order)

  • All of the above items.
  • Non-Virtual Z-Machine, from a limited set of five hundred, individually numbered and dated. Each Non-Virtual Z-Machine is fitted into an attractive rosewood case with brass fittings. Note that this Z-Machine is entirely mechanical and thus does not count as a 'portable electronic device' from the point of view of airline attendants.
  • Stack of 50 parchment sheets (suitable for the mechanical scripting feature of the Non-Virtual Z-Machine.)
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